Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 27

I finally had my big ultrasound a few weeks ago and we got some fantastic news.  Everything moved like it was supposed to, so hopefully we are a go for a vbac.  The baby looks perfect and healthy and normal.  Baby is still measuring 6 days ahead, which isn't a surprise.  It's been measuring exactly 6 days ahead my entire pregnancy, starting with my first ultrasound at 7 weeks.  Big babies run in both sides of my family.  If baby is born full term, then I fully expect baby to weigh at least 8lbs.  Although 9 and 10 lb babies are fairly normal for my family.  

We also found this out and we are beyond excited!

Everything else is going fairly normally.  Last Sunday and Monday nights I had this weird horrific pain.  It felt like all the muscles in the upper half of my abdomen got wicked tight, then every so often I would have what felt like a contraction (but it didn't radiate all the way down).  I still have no idea what caused it.  The on-call dr. sent me to the hospital Sunday night, but they didn't really find anything.  They ran a bunch of tests, but everything came back normal.  What ever the heck was going on though was strong enough to register on the contraction monitor.  The nurse called them "uterine disturbances"; and I seriously haven't felt that much pain since I was in labor with the boys.  It was beyond ridiculously painful.  Thankfully I have been feeling better.  It took several days for the ache to finally go away.  I saw the Dr. on Wednesday and he said it sounded like contractions (great).  Only 3 more months to go, let's hope we make it that far.  To say I have been a little paranoid about having preterm labor issues again would be an understatement.  Hopefully I will feel a bit better once I make it to 30 weeks. 

I had my hospital tour on Thursday, it went well.  It was loooong though, it lasted an hour and a half and was very educational.  The lady talked and talked and talked about all sorts of things.  John and I both wish a little bit that we could have the baby at the hospital I had the boys at, but it's an hour away and not an option.  Really my complaints are minor, the rooms aren't terribly big, and the family snack area is sorely lacking.  There are lots of things I do like though.  They have queen size beds in postpartum (awesome!).  Everything related to your pregnancy and birth is on the same floor, labor & delivery, postpartum, and the NICU.  In all the labor and delivery rooms they have giant jetted tubs, which look surprisingly inviting.  And I am a bit overly excited about this one, they include Dad's meals at no charge now.  So when I go to order my meals (which I can have brought up to my room whenever the kitchen is open and not at a set predetermined time), I order two, one for each of us.  

I'm getting really excited to meet our new baby.  February is only 3 months away, but sometimes it seems much longer than that.  We still have a lot to do to get ready, plus the upcoming holidays, and the boys' birthday in January.  I hope it goes by quickly!    

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  1. That hospital sounds really awesome!! Queen size beds and Dad meals? That's so awesome, I didn't even know hospitals offered that stuff. I hope you are feeling better :)